Sep. 1st, 2014

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Romeo returns to his world, Piccolo/Pinnochio in tow. Back to his families farm in Sonogno, back to his mountains, to his brothers and his parents. Alive and well.

His parents think he has been touched by some kind of spirit the way he babbles. So he stops, he realises that to his world it was merely a hiccup, it is restored and it is safe and they don't need to know the sacrifices made to make it that way.

He tells his brothers though, they sense he is different, that he is older than he looks. He keeps out most of the horrible things but he tells them of the people he knew, of the heroes and the friends he made. Of Ken and Molly, Ienzo and especially of Zo.

He goes to school, he tells doctor Casello of his dreams to make the world a better place and the doctor helps him, tutors him. When he's not at school he helps make his village safer. He teaches the children what he knows and he sets up a system of emergency food and fuel in case of harsh times. His aim is that no child from his village at least is sold.

He meets up with Dante, Dante believes him as well as does Bianca. They work together to help other villages and Bianca, with doctor Casella's help starts a clinic in Milano, where those with no money can come and get treated. She is still only a student doctor but with help she manages to help some of the poorest in the city.

He grows more and goes to university, winning a scholorship with doctor Casella's help. He begins to look into the legality of the God of Death and other slavers.

Bianca's clinic grows, it gets added to with children who have no where else to go, Romeo and Dante work there full time and it becomes an orphanage, a drop in centre. A place of safety where children can be children and run free under the blue skies. Where the kind of horrors that Romeo have seen and endured are never allowed to happen.

He and Bianca get married and have children of their own, a boy who they name Afredo and a little girl who they call Zo. It's an odd name but Romeo is insistent, and Bianca who believed his story from the beginning knows why.

Bianca is the only one he tells the whole story to, and only when they are older does he fully disclose the full horror of what happened.

It's a couple of months after he returns that he finds the door to the tower, and he learns how to worldhop quickly. He never stays away from his world for long, but visits his friends as often as he can.

He also rewrites the Hero book and when it is finished he takes it to the mini tower, leaving it there with Zo's treasures.


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