Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

Date: 2014-05-21 09:55 pm (UTC)
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Diamuid is a reely nice person. He is always nice to me and he always helps other people. Even when he is hurt or tired himself. He is a great knight, a reel knight like from a story but even knights get hurt here and diarmuid is always reely brave and he helps other people feel brave too. thats what makes him a good leader.

lots of people think the same thing. I got a letter that didnt have a name but it said

"Within this tower are a number of heroes both mythological and otherwise. While I'm not qualified to speak on all of them, there's one I know as well as I know myself. I learned years ago that a hero need not be flawless; quite the opposite. A flawless hero would know nothing of loss, failure, or pain, and therefore would have no concept of the stakes for which they fight.

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne has known all three of those, and known them well. I think that to be a contributing factor in his constant (quite literally to a fault) insistence upon placing others before himself. To spare others from pain, Diarmuid would readily fight and die without hesitation. Some might call that level of dedication bordering on self-destruction, and I would be inclined to agree. But even so, that genuine concern and kindness is something to truly admire.

To be human is to possess flaws and imperfections: fear, hesitation, self-interest, even hatred. Yet coupled with humanity comes empathy, and it is that which I think makes one capable of being a hero--one who can act in the protection and best interest of others. Ask me for a hero of the highest integrity and kindness humanly possible, and without doubt or hesitation I would name Diarmuid above all others.

Allow me to being this long-winded and slightly biased response to a close. A true hero should be in some measure flawed; otherwise they may never be able to understand those they mean to protect. Without loss and pain, victory has no meaning. All of us here would do well to remember that from time to time."

I dont understand all the words in it but I think they think Diarmuid is a reely good hero even if he is hurt and gets sad sometimes.

"Diarmuid Ua Duibhne is a hero because he's a good knight who protects people and he fights monsters really well." Aleph Sinclair

"Diarmuid always helps others. I never see him when he is not helping, or training, or distributing weapons. His kindness and dedication make him a hero." Shion

"But for the best hero, I would say people like Diarmuid and the White Saber and Lancelot.

Diarmuid because he's a gentle and caring big brother. He's always ready to take responsibility for protecting others. And he's strong too. You should see him dual wield."
Lancer (Cu)

"I would say that Diarmuid is one of the greatest hero, for he always puts others before himself. Be it their happiness or safety, he does not hesitate to give his life for others and has proven this in his past.

He also teaches others and helps them understand what a hero is to be."
Suzaku Kururugi

"Diarmuid - Because a hero isn't perfect."

The last one didn't have a name either, i asked zett about it when we got the letters and he said that some people didnt want other people to know they thought they were heroes. it seemed a bit silly to me but i had lots of letters with no names. Like this one

"We have endured a long time in this place. It is unavoidable that a lot of people have come and gone before they can be called heroes like they are.

But many still remain, to struggling against the bullies in charge of this place. I know a few personally and I knew a few who are still gone. Minato Arisato, Diarmuid, Enoch, Doctor Brown, Aleph, Naoya Toudou, Labrys, Risette...

I don't think of any of them as the "best hero" but I do believe they are heroes all the same, due to a common quality they all share. Because they decided to fight back against a force with superior power and control. Injustice in the system is stronger than yourself, and yet they continued onward anyhow. They did not give up.

Bad things happened and they rose above them. They are not perfect or without sadness, but they resist their oppressors with all their might.

They want change in a positive direction, to improve our situation for the better even when it seems an impossible task. They want to try.

That is what makes them heroes, Romeo."

and this one as well

"It's hard. A lot of people here in the tower are pretty great like heroes.

I think if I had to name just a few people, I think the best heroes I know are the two puppy brothers. I guess one is supposed to be a hound and the other a puppy. Maybe? One of them is named Lancer and the other one is his brother. They're really kind and strong at the same time. And they bring people together and make them feel welcome. I think that last part's really important for a hero."

I only know that is Diarmuid because his other name is lancer and he has a brother who is called lancer too. i dont know if they can turn into puppies though like rick could be a cat. they do have a dog though, its reely big.

"Dia's a good person too! He saved me from a monster and helped me when the bad boy with green hair burned me and told me how I could be a better support! We ate lots of cake at his and his sons birthday, and he told me what brave was and what knights were! He plays with me a lot too, and we're gonna sing Rabbit's songs with me too! He made me little Rab too, and he and Raphael gave me Juralumin!" Yotsuba

Diarmuid roted me a letter about heroes as well. The book of heroes was his idea at his birthday party, he said if i wroted all the stories of all the heroes here i could write forever and ever. but i dont got forever and ever but im going to try my best. At the end of his letter he said this bit

"Romeo, I could keep going. I alone could probably fill your book for you because of one simple fact. When it comes down it it, everyone in this Tower is a hero. Not all of them seem like it. Not all of them want the title, but all of them, as some point or another, have found themselves helping someone else in this fight against the Administrators. Helping them, when they did not need to. Helping them, when someone else might have walked away.

All light has shadow and all shadow has light. The Administrators cast a dark shadow, and we--all of us--are the light."
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

I fink that Diamuid is the best kind of hero and one of the britest lights in the whole tower.
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