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"Let me tell you a tale.

It took place about 360.000... no, 14.000 years ago. Is what I would say if this tale had an end, yet. Well. To me it seems like it was only yesterday. To you it could be tomorrow.

It's the story of a man. Known by 72 different names. Hmm, what should I call him...? When we first met his name was...


And, even then he wouldn't let anyone tell him what to do. Not even me.

But, he was a pretty good guy. Still is a pretty good guy.

It was only when various Shards of God's wisdom were stolen, that the betrayal of the Angel Semyaza was discovered. But by then, he, together with the Grigori he led - had already fled.

To bring order once more, The Council of Elders ruled humanity must be purified by a great flood. But he, who had been taken to Heaven to serve as a scribe, found favor in the Lord's eyes and unto him an alternative was granted.

For the Lord said: "Bring me the Souls of the Fallen Angel's and I shall spare the world."

So he embarked on a journey to find the Fallen Angels, with the Four Archangels as guides... and me as his support. As he traveled to find the Tower where the Fallen had gathered their followers, he found himself targeted by the very same Angels, so to continue he had to change his name every few decades.

As time passed one thing eventually became obvious to Enoch, during all this time he was never even once plagued by illness. While everyone around him aged and eventually passed on to the afterlife, he stayed the same.

The Lord had granted him immortality so he could accomplish his mission.

Suffering from the burden of this gift, as he had to watch those around him die, he went through a time of depression. However, knowing that he had immortal companions made the burden less heavy.

It took about 365 years until he found that Tower. There he had to face the Fallen Angels, one by one as he climbed up the Tower…

But the Enoch we know in this Tower had been taken to another world called Meridian. I can’t say much about his time there, since I haven’t been there to witness the events there. So I’ll pick up at the point where I have come to Animus.

He was one of the people who helped me adjust to changes I wouldn’t have gone through in our world. All the good and all the bad things. We are supporting each other the best we can.

There is nothing I fear as long as we are together.

And I couldn’t ask for a better friend than him."

Enoch is a reely great man. He worked in heaven for all the angels and he helps me whenever i am sad. he likes helping children alot and when we have to play games for ruana he helps us when we get stuck. the administraters do reely bad things to him sometimes but he is brave and courageous and never stops beeing nice.

"Enoch is a hero because he's a great leader and he cares about everyone, and he's strong and capable." Aleph Sinclair

"Enoch is always kind and nice to everyone, he works really hard to try and stop the administrators, I think he is a hero" Taiki

"And then there's Enoch! He's always working to help others, whether by protecting them or making them cloaks. And he's got a cool weapon." Lancer (Cu)

He did help make cloaks for everyone because it was reely cold and he didn't want anyone to freeze and die

the person wivout a name who wroted about Diarmuid and heroes also said Enoch was a hero because he never gived up and he stood up to our opressors (thats a big word for the bad peoples who hurt us) and even when things seem impossible he never gives up just like a true hero

"My uncles Enoch and Lucifel work the hardest out of anybody to protect people and fix the tower. Not everybody appreciates it, and they put themselves in danger, but they do it because it's right. I admire them." Zett Takajo

Enoch and Luci are my honorary uncles! Enoch was so nice that God let him go to Heaven while he was alive! He's super smart and strong and he can go boing, boing! He's a really good person, and I'm gonna help him learn how to swim! He's smart, but he still doesn't know how! Oh! And Enoch made me Little Yoba too!" Yotsuba

you have to be the best good person to go to heaven before you are dead. thats how nice and good enoch is!

enoch is also part of a groop called pandora who work hard to stop all the bad things.

"Yeah, I do. Everyone in Pandora. Can't name them all, but there's Zelda and Enoch. And Tetra, too. She's a good kid." Neal Cassidy

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