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"Zelda- For only bending, never breaking."

Zelda is a princess from a far away world and she has been here a long time. She is a grate friend and always tries to help others. Sometimes she gets sad but she always tries her best and keeps her spirits up, she keeps over peoples spirits up too and that is important in a leader.

She is part of pandora too and i fink she is the leader. i dont know for sure but she is a good leader so i fink she would be chosen.

"The members of Pandora, including those who are gone. Despite being made scapegoats by most - give their all to find a way to restore the worlds with what Dax has left behind for us." Lucifel

"They're brave. It takes a brave person to go up against a force like the administrators, and it takes brave people to follow them.

I don't know who founded Pandora, but it doesn't really matter. They're trying to save all of us. Not that there's anything wrong with the people who don't know how to, but Pandora... I think they'll be able to accomplish what they've set out to do."
Neal Cassidy

I hope they do too, most everyone is all working together now because we dont gots much time left before the power goes out and everyone wants to live

Of course, there is also Princess Zelda. It is not my place to make explicit her struggles, but it is obvious that the burden that has been placed upon her shoulders is a great one. She has handled everything with the utmost grace and dignity, even when what needed to be done wasn't the most pleasant of tasks. She has come well into her royal bloodline and deserves to be remembered as a hero."

I had to look up "grace" and "dignity" in the dictionary book that ken showed me. But I fink they are very important kwalities for a hero to have, especially here where those fings are hard to find.

"Zelda too! She's a princess but she's been looking out for me and a bunch of other people" Tetra

"Princess Zelda has endured this tower longer than I have, and she is stronger than I am despite this. She keeps calm under pressure and can call an argument to end. She is an admirable person and what royalty is meant to be." Enoch

I dont know much about royalties or princesses but my frend alfredo always sed that the king and queen shuld help the people and make their countries places were everyone can be free and safe. i fink if zelda becomes a queen her country will be a reely nice place to live, it will be full of flowers and no bad people and everyone even children will be free to learn and play and no one will be able to hurt other people because the country will be rulled by a hero queen

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