Jeanne d'Arc

Date: 2014-05-22 09:06 am (UTC)
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this is a hero i dont reely know but i got some letters about her and she sounds reely brave and strong and just like a hero should be. this first letter explains all about why she was a hero even before she came to the tower

"The greatest of all the heroes in the Tower is the beautiful, elegant, kind, good, wise, and blessed Jeanne d'Arc. She is also known as Joan of Arc, I have heard, and she is a saint! God himself spoke to her, and the angels, for her goodness so inspired them. Oh gracious, dear, and matchless Jeanne!

Though she was only a simple peasant girl, she joined the court of the king of France and fought to save her people from the cruel, oppressive English who had taken our lands. Not even the king knew what to do, but she showed him the way. She dressed like a boy and she took up arms, and she was the most beautiful sight anyone had ever seen. No one who saw her ever forgot the sight of her, proud and glowing, like an angel herself! She shone with the light of Heaven. She rode out into battle, yet she did no one harm! She was wounded, but she carried on! She is a noble, brave, fearless, soul, but gentle. She led the knights on to victory, and she freed the city of Orléans from its chains. The people there adore her for it. She is their savior! She gave all men courage in a dark time. Never before was there a woman like Jeanne d'Arc, and there never will be again. She gives me hope, even now.

Sadly, Jeanne was captured by the English and burned to death! They hated and feared her, so they called her a witch! There was no act on earth more heartless and cruel. But here in the Tower, she lives again, thanks in part to her faithful knight Gilles de Rais. She is full of love and is merciful to all men, even the most vile, unforgivable of criminals."

when i read that story i relised that even tho i dont know her in the tower i know her name because shes a person in stories in my world a reel person from a long long time ago before i was born. this one is not from the exact same world as me becase none of us are but she is probably very similar and i hope that this Jeanne gets to be known as a hero for all time as well.

it took me a little bit of asking and thinking to learn that she has gotted another name as well. just like diarmuid is called lancer she can be called ruler so these letters that dont have names of who they are from are about her as well

"While speaking of women of their countries, I would also like to give mention to Ruler. She is not mine to speak of; completely the opposite, if I'm to be honest. But her devotion to her nation is not something I can overlook. She deserves to be remembered as a hero for what she has done."

"Ruler's kind of pretty awesome and kicks ass! She's definitely a hero type."
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