Saber of White

Date: 2014-05-22 09:19 am (UTC)
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"There is one here Called Saber of White, but whom I knew in Life by another name. She has been both King and Slave. For all that has passed, she is a Hero still, unbowed before Time itself."

this is another hero that i dont reely know but i know she is friends with jeanne and zelda and they are big heroes together. i fink i would like to meet her because she sounds like a very brave person and a tru hero

"Saber of White because she's an inspiration to Diarmuid. I knew Saber of Black better, so I think Saber of White might be stuffier. But anyone who can impress Diarmuid with their honor can't be too bad." Lancer (Cu)

honour is a very important thing for heroes to have. it means that you do what you believe is rite and never do bad things even if it is easier, all heroes need to have honour it is one of the most important things for them. diarmuid has lots and lots of honour and so i fink if saber of white managed to impress him and be an insperation she must be a reely great hero, maybe one of the best heroes of all

"Saber of white. Not so much for what she did here, but rather, what she sacrificed for her kingdom back home. The isle of Albion owes her a great deal."
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