Cu Chulainn

Date: 2014-05-22 09:31 am (UTC)
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"If you say strongest hero, I might have to say myself." Lancer (Cu)

Cu is diarmuids brother and even though he is sometimes silly and funny he is brave and strong and a great hero. He is the other puppy brother that the note about diarmuid wrote about. it said that they are "reely kind and strong at the same time. And they bring people together and make them feel welcome. I think that last part's really important for a hero."

i fink it is important as well because heroes need to be nice as well as brave and strong. its important because they got to make everyone else feel brave and like they can become a hero too

"My brother, Cu Chulainn, has also suffered great loss. His loyalty means more than anything to him and yet, those who he has sworn himself to have been torn away from him time and time again by this place. Still, he moves forward. Still, he believes. Still, he hopes anew. He does not let loss cripple him. Instead, he reaches out so that others are not alone when that loss finds them. He reaches out to support those who are unsure. He reaches out to guide those who have lost their way.

He reaches out so none must face this fight alone."
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

it is reely hard when you are loyal to your friends and they are taken away and hurted and you cant do anything even tho you try reely reely hard. i fink that just people who can still be loyal and make friends when we know that we could all be hurt and dead or go back to our destroyed worlds forever is reely brave and strong

lancer sometimes makes parties to cheer people up and makes people smile even when things are bad and scary. he can make even reely sad people smile and that is a reely good thing for a hero to do

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