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i was going to let zett do this page as it is his uncle and i dont reely know him very well but since zett is gone i will have to do my best.

zett thort that his uncles worked reely hard to save everyone in the tower and they put themselves in danger for everyone else, zett liked him a lot and i am sure he was a reely reely great uncle to zett.

"And Luci's an Angel that was helping Enoch out back in their world! He's super fashanable, and he's good at giving hugs, and I get to ride on him, and he tells me a lot of great stories, and we're gonna cook together someday! And he's a support and told me that I could be a good one too, since I gave the best hugs! He's smarter than Enoch too and tried to help me when Daddy and Jumbo killed me!" Yotsuba

i wish i culd do this page better because he meant a lot to zett and he was a great hero

"Of course, the first hero that comes to mind is Lucifel. He has been a hero to me for as long as I can remember. In my darkest moments, he was there for guidance, and when I might have died he has saved my life. He's there to comfort me when he cannot help and continues to lend me strength. I am happy to have him by my side." Enoch
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