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there was two renos in the tower once and then there were none and now there is one. i fink these letters are about the one who is still here but they were both grate heroes. reno sometimes came to meetings of those in the tower who are under fourteen to check we were okay. he is always nice and kind

"Rusty- for being the hero that I'll never be." i fink Rusty was the name for the reno that isn't here any more, they are both grate heroes though

"My friend, Reno, fights every day for the bonds he was told he should never form here. For the faces that mean more to him than anything else, but not only for them, for everyone in the Tower. He takes the strength he has found in those bonds, and he makes it so that others might know that strength as well.

His actions bring us all together."
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

reno has a groop of his own now and they work hard to fight the administrators and also to give everyone food and wepons they are reely nice people and they chose reno as their leader because he is brave and good and helping others

"I owe Reno everything. He taught me and others how to fight, how to survive. If it was not for him many peoples lives would be even more miserable here. He is the bravest person I know and he more than qualifies to be one of the greatest heroes here." Shion

shion is renos son, not his real son but like my dad was to me, someone who isnt really your dad but is because they look after you. i fink that if making friends here is reely brave and strong then making family here is even stronger because even if we live we will go back to our worlds and not see each other again, reno got married and has a son and a daughter and that is reely brave

"When told to run, Reno did not, instead attempting to protect another from a danger far stronger than himself. Even now, he focuses on helping others here." Enoch
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