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Date: 2014-05-22 12:36 pm (UTC)
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this page is actually about six or five after i counted the graveyards and the doors it is ten people i lost count but they are all called link and they are all reely great heroes in their worlds and in the tower. i fink a lot of worlds have a link and that is good because they are brave and help lots of people

"I think all the Link's were the greatest heroes. They were all chosen by the Goddesses, which is a huge honor and could wield the Master Sword. They were all kind of like family and they protected us and everyone else.

Especially my Link. He was just a kid, a little kid from a little island and he went out into the world to save me and his little sister and then he helped people here."

all the links are heroes for princess zelda one of the links i knew was always reely brave even when he was turned to crystal and all smashed up. And another one of the links was small he was tetras friend and one time we got all multicoloured and it was funny he was going to join our group of kids but he disappeared, i bet if he hadnt he would have though and helped protect everyone because he was a hero

"There was a Link that came and went from this place a few times. He was rather quiet, but talented with a bow. More than once, he came to my aid in dire times, though I had never done anything to merit the kindness. He was a true hero, even though he did not see himself as such."
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