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Date: 2014-05-22 01:25 pm (UTC)
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there have been a lot of people called America as well they are a country person and they are good heroes. i know little america and i used to know big man america and there was a lady called america as well. they are all good heroes for different reasons

"On that note, I think it's only proper that I mention the other Americas I've met; they were women, and they went by the name Amelia. I didn't know either of them nearly as well, but I'm confident that they were much the same in their strength and determination."

i knew the big man america best because i shared a room with him a long long time ago when there was not many people in the tower, he was one of the first people to wake up here and he was a bit loud and scary but he was reely nice and friendly. when the bad people hurt me and i culdnt walk he brought me food and looked after me. they made him hurt me and he was sad about it, but he kept being my friend, being friends with someone even after the administrators make you hurt them is reely coragose

"I recall that you have been here quite a long time, Romeo. Perhaps you knew another I wish to speak of. His name is America, just the same as the little America that's with us now. I'm not certain how long the big America was here; he arrived before I did, it seemed. He's been gone for a while now, but I know that if he were here, he would be doing everything within his stupid excess of power to save everyone. And I also know he would appreciate being recorded as a hero in any regard."

little america is also a hero, he is only small but hes super strong and hes always brave. when england died he was so scared but thats okay because hes so little, he still kept going though and he kept his spirits up that is a reely heroic thing to do
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