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Forest Covered Permissions


Canon Name: Romeo
Work Name: Mero
Canon: Romeo's Blue Skies

Age/Sex/Gender: 11 Male
Height: Around 4'6 (Really he's just 'anime kid short')
Weight: Again he's 'tragic underfed anime kid light'
Species/Supernatural Qualities: Human with no abilities whatsoever unless you count infinite optimism.

Occupation/s: Cleaner
Point Total:
Other Notes:


Platonic Physical Contact: Yes please, all of it. He's tiny and a long way from home. He will shy away from adults until he decides they are safe and with children he's more likely to go for epic hand clasping but hugs are still good. Especially tackle to the floor hugs!
Romantic/Sexual Physical Contact: Nope he's eleven
Violent Physical Contact: Yeah this is fine. Feel free to contact me/chat to me if you want to hurt him and are unsure.
Mindreading: Again go for it, beware the hope!
IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: Nothing much here, I mean if you offend him the most that will happen is you get a lecture from an upset kid.
OOC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: I am pretty much fine with anything. If you are unsure ask, if I'm unsure I'll come flail at you. It will be all cool.
Other Notes: I will add if any come up