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Name: Katy
Contact: AIM: Jipaltara Plurk: damua
Are you over 17?: Yes
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Name/Work Name: Romeo/Mero
Canon: Romeo's Blue Skies
Canon Point: Just after Alfredo's death
Age: 11
History: Romeo's Blue Skies

Since it is pretty ropey here is a history I wrote:

Romeo is a young boy who lives with his family in Sonogno, a small village in the alps. His family are poor but happy until a slave trader called Luini, or the God of Death comes into town. He has his sights on Romeo but his parents refuse to sell him. It is high summer and there are worries about the fact that it has not rained in so long, the harvest is going to be bad. It is the day of the annual pole climbing competition and Romeo is finally old enough to compete, he wins the competition even though he is smaller than the other boys but when he gets to the top he sees his family’s field burning.

He and his father manage to rescue some animals but the field is ruined, the family face starvation and yet still refuse to sell Romeo. Luini is the one who set the field on fire and he waits patiently for the family to crack. Romeo wants to help and instead of doing his chores he goes off to fish to see if he can catch some food for dinner, leaving his little twin brothers to do his chores. His father is angry and calls him a selfish baby, Romeo runs off. While hiding with his friend in a barn he hears some adults talking about how they are surprised that Roberto (Romeo’s father) didn’t just sell him since he wasn’t his real son, and he had to provide for his two real children.

Romeo is devastated and doesn’t believe them, his mum finds him and tells him that it is true. Romeo was two years old when she met and married Roberto but he has always thought of Romeo as his son, in fact when Romeo was very little he had a fever and everyone thought he would die. Roberto tried everything to save him and eventually entered a church for the first time and prayed. Romeo’s fever broke that night and Roberto decided it was an act of God and bought the church a stained glass window with money he saved up over two years.

Romeo and his mother go back home and the family decide that they are strong together and they will just need to be strong to make it through winter, but then Roberto collapses, his head wound from fighting the fire has made him ill. They cannot afford a doctor. Luini tries once again to persuade Romeo’s mother to sell Romeo. She refuses.

Romeo finds his little brothers in the church praying and they tell him they have gathered some money to pay for a doctor, it turns out to be one coin and a mish mash of buttons, but his brothers say they will work hard to try and raise money.

Romeo realises there is very little hope of anyone earning 30 franks to pay for the doctor and his father is going to die. So he approaches Luini. Luini tells him he will be sold in Milano as a chimney sweep and will work there for six months before being allowed to go home. Romeo signs the contract. Later his friend over hears a woman explaining to her son that no children who go off to the city ever return. Romeo is scared but just tells her not to tell his parents.

A doctor cures his father and his parents are upset with what he has done, but understand why and are thankful. Romeo leaves with the God of Death. They make there way to a town, but Luini drops Romeo off in the road telling him to be at a certain inn in the city by sunset the next day. While taking shelter in a cave Romeo realises he has a stowaway, his weasel Piccolo.

He arrives in a village and a trader accuses him of stealing apples, a blonde boy who uses logic to explain why Romeo could not be the thief rescues him, the man apologises and gives Romeo two apples. Romeo runs after the boy to thank him and peruses him until the boy accepts one of the apples. He follows him to the town and learns that the boy is Alfredo and is also going to Milano as a chimney sweep. They spend the day in town before going to the inn.

There they find a cellar full of frightened children who want to escape, Romeo and Alfredo try and persuade them not to- since they all agreed to this after all but they try anyways, they get caught and are put on a boat to travel across the river in a storm. The boat tips and Romeo and Alfredo manage to cling onto some driftwood. Romeo spots the God of Death and rescues him. They spend the night in a cave, Alfredo tells Romeo that he and his sister have ran away from bad people and Alfredo sold himself as a chimney sweep to keep Bianca safe. The next morning Alfredo tells the God of death that Romeo rescued him. Luini gets a carriage and takes the two boys to Milano, assuming the others have drowned.

They arrive at an inn in the city where they are left in a corner but talk to Nikita, a boisterous young girl who thinks they are idiots but explains to them what is happening. Chimney sweep bosses turn up and argue since there are only two boys to chose from. A man named Rossi buys Romeo for 85 lire and a creepy man called Citron buys Alfredo.

The men drink and the two boys talk, they decide to make an oath of eternal friendship to be friends always even when fate keeps them apart. However Citron drags Alfredo away before they are finished the oath. Romeo runs after them, with Rossi chasing him believing that he is running away. They finish their oath and Romeo goes with Rossi to his new home.

Rossi’s mouth is furious with how much Romeo cost and he is left in the darkness while the family eats, when he asks for food she gets angry and Rossi takes him to his room, which is more like a cage. There is a mysterious room in the house, one that he is not allowed into but which he hears beautiful music coming from. The next morning Romeo starts to learn his job, he falls out of his second chimney and is knocked unconscious but still tries again. At the top he finds himself on the roof looking over the beautiful blue skies of Milano. Rossi is happy and goes to the bar drinking away all their earnings. His wife Edda is furious especially after Anzelmo their son explains how he heard that Romeo passed out earlier in the day and Romeo is again given no food.

Locked once again in his cage room Romeo tries to keep his spirits up but finds it difficult. Piccolo finds a box and inside it Romeo is shocked to find bread and cheese he hears the music again and decides there must be an angel in the room, who has given him this food.

The next morning Piccolo is chased by a cat but rescued by the angel, who turns out to be a little pale girl with dark hair. Romeo and Rossi clean the chimney of a doctor named Doctor Casella and when they are done the doctor gives Romeo a book as a thank you gift. Romeo explains that he can’t read and the doctor teaches him how to write “What is your name? My name is Romeo”, the book is a picture book and doctor Casella tells him he can visit again to learn more.

Back in his room he finds another present from the angel; more food and a note. He cannot read the note but by comparing the note with the words the doctor wrote in his book he realises that the last line is “what is your name?”

He manages to write his reply on a scrap of paper and breaks out of his cage and slips the note under her door. He gets another note that he can’t read in return but the next day manages to find the doctor and get him to read it to him. It tells him that when everyone is asleep she will signal him with her music box and he should go quietly to meet her in her room.

He does so that night and learns that the girl is Angeletta, she is very sick and so cannot leave her room but watches the world through her window and sketches it. She has drawn many pictures of Romeo and as he tells her about the Blue Skies over Milano she wishes very much to see them. Romeo attempts to bring her the blue skies. He cannot draw but he keeps trying and finally brings her a symbol that lets her imagine the vast blue sky.

Anzelmo is attempting to learn Romeo’s secret, he is a member of the Wolf Pack a group of bullies who go around beating up chimney sweeps and other kids. Nikkita is also a member of the Wolf Pack. They knock Angeletta’s drawings off a roof and steal Romeo’s letters. But this backfires when Angeletta accidentally hands Romeo a page of her diary instead of a note and in it she is writing about how Anzelmo is lying to the wolf pack. Anzelmo gets beaten up and Romeo goes to avenge them (believing that he and Anzelmo have made a pact because it makes Angeletta upset that they don’t get on)

However Anzelmo hates Romeo and while he is fighting the Wolf Pack Anzelmo frames him for theft, hiding coins in his room. Angeletta sees but works herself into a fever and so cannot tell her parents. When Romeo gets home he is locked up and told the police are coming. He is scared and so escapes onto the roof. He gets into another fight with the Wolf Pack but gets rescued by a strange masked kid who turns out to be Dante, one of the children believed drowned in the river. With Dante’s help he gets onto a cart he believes is going to Venice but Nikita tells Dante that its actually going to the prison. Too late though and Romeo ends up in the prison. The cart he got onto belonged to criminals who fill the prison with gunpowder and free one of the prisoners. They lock Romeo up but he manages to escape. However Rossi has gone inside the police station and Romeo knows it is going to blow up so he runs into warn everyone.

The prison blows up and Romeo is injured, Dante and Nikkita tell the police about the criminals and they are caught. The truth comes out and they learn that Anzelmo framed Romeo. Rossi talks to Romeo and tells him that even though he still works for him he is free, he will take the bars off his room and he may be friends with Angeletta.

With his newfound freedom Romeo meets some other chimney sweep kids, learning that all the children off the boat survived and were brought later to Milano by the God of Death. He also finds the whereabouts of Alfredo and goes to find him. He finds him in Saint Babilo church and the two are happy to see each other again. They talk about the wolf pack and how they need to band together in order to be safe from them. They decide to make an alliance of chimney sweeps. They decide to meet on Friday night and tell all the chimney sweeps they know to sneak out and meet them.

They meet outside the church and go into a secret base used by resistance fighters against Napoleon. They decide that Alfredo is their leader and they make an oath. They call themselves the Black Brothers because they get black from soot and it is proof of their hard work. They light candles as they swear the oaths by the flames of courage to help each other out and pool their strength, to obey their leader and to not reveal their hideout to anyone.

The next day they plan their attack on the Wolf Pack, they decide to lure them into an ambush and teach them once and for all not to mess with them. Romeo is childish because he wants to lead the battle but listens to Alfredo. After the meeting he realises he has forgotten his bag and Piccolo at the hideout so goes back. He apologises to Alfredo for being stubborn and admires the fact that Alfredo can read a whole book. The book is falling apart and it is the only one Alfredo has. Romeo takes him to visit Doctor Casella who lends him a book, the doctors maid remarks to Romeo how grown up and mature Alfredo seems and Romeo decides to try and be just like him. He decides to read a book.

He starts to read the picture book he was given, a book about a donkey. He finds it very hard, at the same time Alfredo is reading Voltaire. The other boys tease Romeo about reading. He reads all day and all night and the next day and the next night but finally finishes. Alfredo’s boss gets angry and throws the book Alfredo rescues onto the fire, Alfredo rescues it but a couple of pages are burnt. He rewrites them from memory and doctor Casella is impressed by his ability.

The day of the fight comes and the Black Brothers beat the Wolf Pack. They learn Nikita is a girl and she and Alfredo argue. She then tells the Wolf Pack that the only way to get the Black Brothers back is if they are without their leader as he is the mastermind, they make plans to kidnap Alfredo. They capture they youngest Black Brother Michaelo and leave a note saying that Alfredo is to give himself in. He and Romeo go to do the exchange, Alfredo forbids Romeo from fighting them and he is taken by the Wolf Pack. Romeo and Michaelo try and persuade the others to help rescue him. At first they are too scared and Romeo says he will fight them alone. But when dawn comes they join him to rescue their leader. Angeletta gives Romeo a cross necklace to protect him.

The fight is brutal and Alfredo shouts for it to stop, he and Giovanni, the leader of the Wolf Pack agree to a one on one fight between Tachioni, the biggest of the Wolf Pack and Romeo. The fight is fierce and then Tachioni pulls a knife. However the sun comes out and the light reflects from the cross and blinds the bigger boy. Romeo wins and Alfredo is free. Romeo is a hero and they all sing their song ‘Pure Heart’.

On Angeletta’s birthday Romeo sneaks a few of his friends into the house and they give her an apple and sing their song for her. Rossi catches them but is not angry. Angeletta becomes an honorary Black Brother. However the boys learn that Angeletta is not Rossi’s daughter, but the child of a lord who died. Her grandma Isabel pays Rossi and Edda to look after her. Angeletta’s dream is to meet her grandma.

Romeo follows Rossi to Lady Isabella’s house; she believes that Angeletta just wants her money, to be allowed to inherit and so refuses to see her. Romeo is angry and reveals himself arguing that Angeletta is pure and would never do anything like that. Isabel asks what he is prepared to swear this on; when Romeo answers his life she pulls out a gun. Even in face of this Romeo does not back down and tells her she can shoot him as long as she believes him and sees Isabel. She doesn’t shoot him but refuses to see Angeletta.

Angeletta’s condition is worsening and it becomes her last wish to see her grandma, the Black Brothers decide to take her. They find a cart and sneak into Isabella’s mansion with Angeletta, even when faced with her granddaughter Isabella is cold and tells her to go away. Angeletta gives her music box to her. Her and Romeo go to the church to pray and Angeletta gets very ill. Edda is angry and Romeo goes to find doctor Casella.

There is nothing he can do, Angeletta needs treatment and needs to go to Paris for it. They don’t have enough money though Rossi goes to ask Isabella again to see Angeletta she refuses. By now the Black Brothers have taken matters into their own hands and blocked up all the chimneys in the house. They sit outside, on strike and tell her what a bad grandmother she is. Romeo turns up and tells them to stop because Angeletta loves Isabella and wouldn’t want them to do this. He also tells them that Isabella is lonely but Angeletta loves her. Isabella finally changes her mind. She visits Angeletta and decides to take her to Paris to find a cure.

A few days later nobles begin to come into the city because the grand duke is getting married. Romeo goes to meet Alfredo to give him a book from doctor Casella and they make another oath, this one to grow up and realise their dreams together; to create a world where all children can be free and learn. Later while cleaning a chimney in a hotel Romeo finds a girl escaping, it is Bianca Alfredo’s sister. She escapes into the city and is perused. Romeo finds Alfredo and Alfredo tells him their story.

They are children of nobles but their evil aunt and uncle burnt down their house, killed their parents and now is after Alfredo as he has the family seal. Alfredo had left Bianca with a farmer’s family but their aunt and uncle must have found her. The Black Brothers make a plan to rescue her. It fails at first and the uncle finds out where Alfredo is hiding. He goes to get the seal but Alfredo manages to escape. The Black brothers manage to save Bianca and the two are reunited. But Alfredo collapses and is taken to doctor Casella’s. He wakes up, the doctor tells him he will be all right but Alfredo makes him tell the truth and asks him to look after his friends when he is gone. Doctor Casella tells him that Bianca can live with him from now on.

Alfredo decides to go back to his Padrone as his contract hasn’t finished yet and leaves a note for doctor Casella asking him not to tell his friends about his illness. Alfredo and Bianca go to the secret hideout where their friends are waiting anxiously. Alfredo tells them about the seal and his aunt and uncles plans and they make a plan to sneak into the palace and tell the king the truth. Bianca becomes another honorary member of the Black Brothers.

They stake out the palace and make clothes for Bianca and Alfredo to wear. Bianca gets jealous of Alfredo and Romeo’s friendship and Alfredo explains to her why Romeo means so much to him and how he hopes they will be friends.

Giovanni tries to fight Alfredo, but learns that he is ill and they agree to fight when Alfredo is better, Alfredo and Nikita meet and Alfredo tells Nikita she will look pretty with a flower in her hair, she gets angry at him again but Alfredo coughs blood and she realises how sick he is. The Wolf Pack not realising why Giovanni is so angry decide to capture Alfredo for him telling him that Bianca is in trouble.

Romeo goes to rescue him and Nikita and Giovanni learn what their friends have done and are angry. The Wolf Pack catch up to Romeo and Alfredo and Romeo helps Alfredo escape, staying to fight the Wolf Pack alone. They beat him up and Giovanni demands to know why Romeo defends Alfredo so much. He tells them that it is because Alfredo makes everyone around him feel bigger and braver; whereas Giovanni makes his friends obey him through force. Nikita stands up for him and tells them that Alfredo has the same illness that killed Giovanni’s father. Romeo is angry and upset but he makes a deal with Giovanni that they finish the fight the next night, because he has to be at the palace to protect Alfredo no matter what. Giovanni suggests a truce and they decide to team up, Wolf Pack and Black Brothers together to help Alfredo.

Meanwhile Alfredo meets up with Bianca and the Black Brothers and they begin their plan. They begin to sneak in and are stopped by one of Alfredo’s uncle’s bodyguards. Giovanni saves them. The Wolf Pack and Romeo turn up and tell the Black Brothers about their truce. They fight more bodyguards with rocks and soot bombs. Nikita, Romeo, Alfredo and Bianca make their way into the palace while the others keep guards away.

They are almost at the feast when their uncle catches them, he tells them he doesn’t need the medal any more because he has a replica but that he is going to kill Alfredo. Romeo jumps in front of Alfredo and Nikkita knocks the uncle off balance, but Alfredo and Romeo fall off the balcony. Satisfied that at least one of them died the uncle goes to meet the king.

Bianca and Nikkita find Romeo and Alfredo and they rush off to meet the king. They get caught by some of Alfredo’s uncle’s guards but Lady Isabella rescues them. She explains to everyone who Bianca and Alfredo are, Michealo had found her and explained everything and pledges to help them.

They go into the receiving room as the aunt and uncle are talking to the king and explain that the medal is a fake. They are proven right because the kings father had made scratches in the back of the medal as a benediction in thanks that Alfredo’s father saved his life, the aunt and uncle didn’t know about this and so Alfredo was proven to be right.

The Black Brother, Giovanni and Nikkita wait vigil in the snow wondering if their friends will come back once they are accepted once again as nobles. They go back to the hideout Romeo tells the Black Brothers that if Alfredo goes home with Bianca that’s fine because he deserves happiness. Alfredo returns to them, because this is his home and they are his friends. They all go back to their houses and Bianca after a little bit of complaining goes to doctor Casella.

Alfredo and Romeo go to the church to thank God for the nights successes, Alfredo is weak and he realises he is close to dying, he and Romeo talk and he tells Romeo he is going to be reunited with his parents. He dies in Romeo’s arms telling him to keep going, to fulfil the dreams that Alfredo could not and to look after Bianca.

Romeo is devastated, his mind fogged with grief he cannot even bring himself to get out of bed the next morning, he walks around in a daze and slowly the Black Brothers, as well as the Wolf Pack learn about Alfredo’s death. Bianca is taken to see her brother’s body and as she cries she remembers his words about trusting Romeo. Dante finds Romeo and asks him to be the leader of the Black Brothers but Romeo refuses, he is too sad and too tired. He doesn’t want to accept Alfredo is dead, he doesn’t want to give him a funeral and he doesn’t want to take his place. Dante gets angry and hits Romeo; he doesn’t fight back and just repeats that he can’t do it before running away.

The next day Dante is angry and he meets Nikkita. They talk about how Alfredo never gave up, how he fought for his life. Nikita jumps into the icy cold river shouting to fight, Dante realises what she is doing and jumps in as well. They go to the hideout and tell the Black Brothers that they have to get up stop crying and fight because Alfredo would never accept them like this. Nikita helps them write a letter to Romeo telling him that they challenged him to a fight. If he won he would be their new leader, if he lost they would cast him out of the Black Brothers.

When he arrives Dante hits him and tells him if he doesn’t stand up to them they don’t accept him as a friend of Alfredo’s. They tell him they need him and tell him to stand up. Bianca turns up and adds her voices to the Brothers; Alfredo always spoke about how brave he was; now he had to prove it. Romeo remembers Alfredo’s words before he died, and the words of their vow of eternal friendship. He gets up realising that Alfredo will always be with him. Dante tells him to hit him, so that he can get back up too. He becomes the leader of the Black Brothers and they set about raising money to pay for Alfredo’s funeral.

On a day where the sky was as blue and clear as crystal they hold the funeral, with each child and friend of Alfredo giving him something precious, Romeo gives him his hat and starts to sing Pure Heart, the others join in.

Romeo is leader of the Black Brothers for the remaining few months that he is a chimney sweep, in this time he learns more about leading, and being a great friend. Just before Christmas he falls of a roof and breaks his leg, doctor Casella takes him in while he can’t work and while Romeo is there he begins to learn a great deal of things. He reads Mobey Dick and his love of learning becomes stronger. Romeo and Bianca decide to express their gratitude through a puppet show and Bianca announces that she wants to stay with doctor Casella instead of returning to her relatives and to be a doctor when she grows up and doctor Casella agrees to help her, Romeo announces that he wishes to be a teacher, and help children so they can grow up and learn and be free.

Finally the end of the six months has come and the Black Brothers are free to go home. Before them no child has survived their stint of being a chimney sweep, out of all of them only Alfredo will not leave the city alive. It is a bitter sweet time when Romeo and his friends say good bye and Romeo realises how much he has grown and how he will miss the city, the rooftops, and even Rossi who has become like a father to him. He even offers a peace present to Anzelmo.

As they are leaving they see Luini, herding a new group of boys into the inn and they feel sadness that others have to go what they went through, and hope that they boys are as lucky in their friendship as they where. They go to visit Alfredo’s grave for a last time and find Nikkita, with a flower in her hair. Giovanni and the Wolf Pack come to say goodbye and Romeo asks for one last favour. He asks that the Wolf Pack and Black Brothers join forces for good and to live in peace with the new chimney sweeps that are brought to the city. They swear a peace pact on Alfredo’s name in front of his grave another step to creating Alfredo’s world where children learn and live in freedom.

Doctor Casella drives them part of the way home they take a final look over Milano and the boys finally return to their villages. Romeo is reunited with his family. Romeo works while going to school and realises his dream of being a teacher becoming a light to help the poor and weak. He marries Bianca and they have a son, naming him Alfredo. Romeo keeps working and keeps striving towards the day where all children will run free under the Blue Skies.

Personality: "A truly strong person will neither strike nor begrudge another. A truly strong person is someone who always has the strength to be kind to others." These are the words of Romeo’s father and it is a ideology that Romeo believes in. Romeo always does the right thing, even when it would make his life easier to do the wrong thing or to simply do nothing at all.

This is an eleven year old boy who sold himself into slavery to save his sick father, who almost drowned saving a slaver, who ran into a building that he knew was about to explode to warn the police men and his master, a man who had let him be starved, hurt, locked in a cage and arrested for a crime he knows he did not commit.

Romeo always tries to protect his friends; he is prepared to give his life for any of them and most of all for Alfredo. He often forgets that he can be hurt, or simply doesn’t care. This leads to him doing reckless things in order to help his friends, jumping in front of heights, in front of bullets, into rivers. He is prepared to die to prove that Angeletta is a pure hearted person.

However Romeo is not physically strong, he gets stronger in his time as a chimney sweep, and becomes good a climbing. However his method of protection is to stand between his friends and those that try to hurt them and hope his friends manage to escape before the threat is finished beating Romeo to the ground. He even fights those who are much bigger and stronger than him, but he also knows that peace is better and finally manages to secure a everlasting peace pact between the Wolf Pack and the Black Brothers.

Romeo has a love of learning, before going to Milano he could not read but when he left he was harbouring dreams of becoming a teacher. His dreams are very important to him because they are also Alfredo’s dreams, which were past on to him when Alfredo died. His biggest dream is to help create a world where all children run free under the Blue Skies.

It is difficult for Romeo to trust adults as he has come to expect cruelty from them, but he is well behaved and obedient and when you have won his trust you have it forever. He is a loyal friend and despite all the hardships he endures he always keeps his spirits up and helps others around him do the same.

Romeo works very well with others, he respects good leaders, who rule with respect and not fear when put with a group of others of his age he would come out as a natural leader but he keeps his opinions to himself when around adults. He also makes a very good second in command, especially at this canon point where he has only been second to Alfredo and hasn't became the leader yet.

He is full of enthusiasm for life and whatever he does he knows that Alfredo is always with him and that gives him the strength to carry on. He stands up for the truth and hates to be accused of things he did not do. He often has trouble understanding why others are hateful or want to hurt others.

For the most part Romeo’s worldview is very clear-cut. Good people are kind and help those around them; bad people hurt and are nasty to others. People who are outside of this binary of good and bad, or who are mixtures of both confuse him, as it is not something he has come across before. He is Christian, because he is a peasant child from early 1800’s Italy, his religion is just another aspect of his life because all those around him are also Christian. He has a strong belief in heaven and finds tranquillity in churches.

Debt: To bring Alfredo back from the dead in good health. I imagine that's got quite a hefty cost, Romeo is happy to pay it.

Previous Game Info: N/A

Inventory: (1) A brown shoulder bag. (2) A picture book in Italian about a donkey, on the inside cover it says "What is your name, my name is Romeo" (happy for that to be removed/scribbled out if he was to regain that item). (3) A white shirt, very grubby. (4) Grey patched trousers. (5) A green coat. (6) A neckerchief (7) Brown shoes. (8) A white weasel called Piccolo

Abilities: Infinite hope: No matter what happens no matter how bad things get Romeo has the ability to get through it and keep his spirits up. This is traditionally done by punching the air repeatedly until he feels he can continue.
Climbing: Romeo is a good climber, he only falls down a couple of chimneys in his time in Milano and he wins the pole climbing competition in Sonogno.
Hard worker: He has spent a year as a chimney sweep, he is used to long days and hard work and so despite his age will not find working to repay a debt strange or too hard.
He is also a very strong swimmer. He is able to rescue a grown man from a lake in a storm in the middle of the night.

Strengths and Weaknesses:


(1) He is very resilient. He doesn't let anything keep him down for long, physically or mentally. Giving up is not part of his vocabulary and he is not all that keen on letting others around him give in either.

(2) Being contracted to work for the repayment of a debt is pretty much his canon. So he will settle very easily, especially if he believes he has saved Alfredo. He is a very hard worker.

(3) His is very friendly. Though he will be wary of adults at first if people are kind to him he will repay that kindness tenfold. This is a strength because when things get dangerous the more friends a tiny eleven year old can have the better!

(4) He works really well with others, he understands how teamwork can make things easier. He believes people are better together than apart, and is able to bring peace between the Black Brothers and their rival gang.

(5) He is tougher than he looks. He never actually dies in canon despite the insane things he does, he is able to survive hardships and can sometimes hold his own in a fight (for a short while anyways...)


(1) Romeo is an underfed eleven year old with the strength to go with it. He can climb and is energetic but he's not going to win a strength competition, or a fight.

(2) Lack of education. Romeo at canon point has learned to read but the full extent of his education is being taught to read by a dying ten year old... He has potential but it has not been realised yet. He knows nothing of the world outside of Sonogno and Milano and though he is not stupid he is definitely not as smart as you would expect and eleven year old to be, especially since...

(3) He comes from 1843. He has seen a steam train once and even that was a big deal. Any thing that is outside of his understanding will confuse him at first, from any semblance of technology, to modern values.

(4) A lack of self preservation. Romeo forgets that he is small and weak, especially when it comes to protecting those he cares about. Or he simply believes that him being hurt is worth it if others are saved. This gets him hurt and in trouble a lot.

(5) He can be very childish, if he doesn't understand a situation fully he can jump to childish conclusions and get upset about it. This can lead to misunderstandings or him doing dangerous things to prove a point.


Characterization Sample:

Sample One in brackets

Sample Two in prose

They are both still in process but I have ten comments from me between both threads.


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