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June Year 1

Romeo's life changed once again as he travelled home from Milano. He had been back at home only a few days when he woke up in a strange bed, dressed in a white skin tight suit and a strange orange liquid filled collar around his neck. There were three strange adults in the room, all had just woke up there as well and there was a note. You're world has been destroyed, I saved you. Let's all be happy here.

It soon came apparant that no one knew what was going on. Had they been kidnapped? Had the world really ended? The tower was five floors high, a cafeteria, an infirmary, a library and a viewing station as well as a dormitory floor. Romeo kept his spirits up as much as he could and began exploring, it was in the first few days that he met Molly. A girl who would become an important friend. On the day they met they mostly agued about dinosaurs and read books and Romeo learned all about superheroes.

He also got very quickly used to the idea of different worlds, the fact that everyone spoke about things that he had no clue about, that magic and other storybook things exist and that some people were actually countries. He got a crash course in using computers as well, though he never particularly had enough patience to sit and use one for long.

A week or two into their stay in the tower they met the administrators; Riki, Dax, Jason and Zo the last of whom seemed a child not much older than Romeo. Romeo was given a job as a janitor, all the jobs in the tower were dangerous and the chemicals made him ill.

But all in all he learned a lot and made many friends. Then as the end of the month drew near some people disappeared... Their trunks emptied, no sign of them...

July Year One

On the 1st July the residents awoke to more floors! A high tech room, an indoor forest, a swimming pool and a maze. As well as a new dorm floor. What was strange and interesting was that the new floors appeared in between the viewing platform and the first dorm level. Odd things happened if they lingered on the new floors too long. But it didn't stop Romeo from exploring.

All the while dressed as a superhero called the Bird Prince because of Molly's influence! It is during this exploration that he met Ienzo, an eight year old who became another Important Person in Romeo's life. He was also convinced by the Doctor that the world hadn't ended and that the administrators were bad people who had lied to them. The maze traumatised him.

More people disappeared though, and they got more interesting food. It was Molly who came up with the horrifying theory that maybe they were eating people. She was reassured by adults but her and Romeo decided they needed to make a superhero team to beat the baddies and save everyone. Romeo believed her theory though and wouldn't eat for a few days, fearing he had eaten Fletcher who was one of his new friends who had disappeared. He was comforted and fed pancakes by Canada.
Near the end of the month Spain spent some time in her dead world (ooc: one of the hiatus options), she was upset when she returned and told Romeo about it. He realised that the worlds maybe really were gone and everyone he knew was dead and finally everything got to much for him and he cried... "But it was all too big, everyone he had ever met before he came here was gone forever and he would never see them again, he was stuck in this tower where people disappeared and probably end up served as meals."

After his small breakdown he decided that if the worlds were gone then the tower was a new world and they had to make sure everyone in it was safe and happy. He made it an oath to Spain, the first oath he ever made to an adult.

August Year One

At the beginning of August Molly and Romeo and some other likely superhero types decided to put to rest the question of if they are eating people once and for all and led an excursion into the walk in freezer. This got a bit sidetracked due to Romeo's general amazement at a thing so cold that ice grew in it. They found no people but still decided that the best course of action was to not eat meat.

Because everyone was sad because of people disappearing Zo decided to try and bring them all back. But it all backfired, the power went out and weird phantoms appeared. The dark was scary and Romeo did his best to avoid phantoms. It was an attempt that eventually failed though as he came across a phantom cat and suffered his first death.

However perhaps luckily for Romeo it happened quickly and when he woke up the next morning in his bed the last conclusion he would have came to was that he had died, he just put it down to strange things happening.

The phantoms were fixed, more floors got added including an outside floor, a cathedral, an aquarium and a planetarium where you could sit and watch endless worlds die.

Romeo spent the rest of the month exploring more and building a tree house in the forest. He found Nepeta who had previously gone missing, but she couldn't remember who he was. This led to him making his first ever network post announcing this new piece of information.

He ended the month with trying to make a cake for his friends, it ended hot cake mix exploding everywhere but he did make a lasting friendship with France out of it and she taught him how to bake properly. He used the new suggestion box to ask for rum so they could make lost bread. He handed out cake to his friends

He met Castial who was an angel and who told him that the world was not destroyed, so he changed his mind on that point. He also assured him that heaven was not destroyed and Romeo and Spain spoke in the cathedral about if God could still hear them, Spain reassured Romeo that he could.

September Year One

The month started well with the addition of ice cream to the menu and Molly introduced Romeo to it immediately. A few days later the first of many many experiments began. Many residents awoke with a strange leash connecting their collar to another persons. Romeo was connected to Vriska and Germany. It was the start of a beautiful hate friendship with Vriska. He also learned that people liked eating colours and so made sure his network posts were red (because that tasted the best).

When the leashes disappeared Romeo received a note saying: Thank you for participating in part one of our experiment. And the tower grew again. Another library, a study room, a media room, a bottomless pit and a room that was empty apart from bloody handprints and screaming.

He spent most of the rest of September helping new people. And spent his last few days as a mostly untraumatised child...

October Year One

Overnight Romeo, France (male), Milagro, Ψiioniic, Germany, Kanaya, Romana and Dean were taken by retrieval units, knocked out if they tried to fight and placed in a cell complex. He tried to keep his spirits up, talking about the blue skies of Italy with Romana, he even wondered with Kanaya if they were going to be sent back home, though deep down he didn't really believe that.

The next day he was taken away from his cell, the first to be taken.. He was taken by retrieval units and modified, his body becoming a hybrid of human and deer. They left him to 'recover' from his surgery.

"I'm sorry Alfredo," he whispered quietly, "I tried so hard, but I think the bad people won.

I couldn't follow your dreams for you." Tears ran steadily down his face, "The worlds are gone, Bianca probably died, I hope she is with you in heaven... There aren't even any blue skies here..."

A moment passed as his sobbing continued, "What do you do when you can't keep your spirits up..." He couldn't lift his arm, or leg, he didn't even want to think about it. He couldn't keep his spirits up if he didn't even have hands to punch the air with. "What do you do..." He fell silent as sleep finally took him away from the horror.

He was taken back to the cells the next day, he shouted that they were bad people as they took France away, he couldn't walk on his new legs, his antlers were heavy and was in shock. He thought it was a punishment for something he had done- the truth that they had done it just because they could was something so big that it took Romeo some years to come to terms with it.

Milagro told him that she was a superhero from the stars and she would stop the bad people. She fought when they took her but they still hurt her and experimented on her. On all of them.

Romeo became close with Psiioniic because they shared the same dream, of creating a free world. Though Psiioniic had long lost the battle in his world. They made a vow to find a world that wasn't destroyed and make a place with no bad people or slavery.

They were in the cells a week until they had all been modified and then they were let out into the tower itself. The rest of the tower were also being experimented on, their feelings were being modified, in groups of obedience, sensory, sloth and paranoia.

Obviously everyone was horrified, Ienzo was upset and Romeo tried to calm him down, Ienzo tried to help Romeo to walk again, Romeo got quite upset when he thought that Ienzo was scared of him and didn't want to be his friend anymore.

He found Molly, or rather Molly found him. She had been looking after Piccolo who had escaped when Romeo was taken. She encouraged him to talk about what had happened. She said she would go beat up the bad people and Romeo got scared that she would be hurt. They made a vow of eternal friendship.

Ventus leant him his hoverboard until he learned to walk properly so he could get around. France (the female one) also spoke to him about what had happened and Romeo realised that the deer had probably died and felt bad about that.

He tried to get back to normal, or as normal as life was. It was hard when he was a deer, he spent a lot of time crashing Ven's hoverboard and accidentally terrifying people. But he made sure to keep his spirits up and help his friends do the same, even though their feelings were being played with more and more.

Having decided that the animals, even the scary ones, were as trapped as the people Romeo did venture forth to try and tell them that everything was going to be alright, and got chased away. He also tried to help some of the people who were halucinating and met some new people. He also helped Kanaya and Dean, when their spirits were low.

Eventually the experiment came to a crux with all those whose feelings were effected having an urge to kill those that had been modified. He woke up to America, his roommate, trying to kill him. Romano who had not been effected fought America to protect Romeo and Romeo escaped. He soon learned that many people in the tower wanted to kill him. And soon found refuge with Psiioniic, who was also hiding from his friends.

They promised to protect each other. He also found Eiji who was not effected and acted as a bodyguard.

Then Molly found them. She was effected and she attacked them. Romeo didn't want to fight her because she was his best friend., Romeo shouted at her and tried to get her to stop. She knocked Eiji out. Romeo made a last ditch attempt to remind her of their vow. She wouldn't stop. So he died for the second time and this time he definitely realised it.

November Year One

Romeo woke up human, with a reward in his room. A puppet theatre. And a new roommate, Lloyd had disappeared and the Protoman was there in his place. He found Psiioniic and agreed to join Signless' rebellion. He became allies with Milagro and they vowed that no one would get hurt again. He tackle hugged Ienzo just because he could.

Coming back from death did make him doubt that God could really reach them in the tower though, because death should lead to heaven. He recieved the rum he had asked for and he and France made lost bread. He mostly worked on being braver in order to stop the bad people. He tried to adopt Ienzo's unversed, Ienzo's reward for the experiment, but it kept returning to Ienzo. He decided to make puppets for his theatre and finally faced Molly.

He promised her that he would remain her friend no matter how many times the bad people made her hurt him.

"We're gonna stick together and show the baddies that they don't scare us and they can't ever make us not be friends. And then we are going to beat them, and teach them what happens when they try and turn us against each other!"

Later that month he had his first proper encounter with a double of someone else from the tower. It went as ridiculously as could be expected and he spent a while thinking Ven no longer wanted to be his friend or had lost all his memories. As he learned about more worlds he learned there were worlds out there where children were not sold but could go to school and be free under the blue sky just like Alfredo's dream. It gave him hope.

Nearing the end of the month there was a glitch on the network and corrupted creepy files began being shown and heard. One of the audio pieces kept replaying help me, help me at Romeo and Molly and they tried to figure out how to help the voice, and how to stop it being trapped.

Things calmed a little over the next few days and Molly threw a party. Charles told him he should dance with Molly and so dancing happened.

The very next day Romeo met the Grand Highblood and annoyed him so much with his cheerfulness that the troll killed him. One day after that a message appeared on the network saying thank you for your patience, I have taken control of the tower, it was difficult but that's okay, I'll start sending people home in an hour, you should say goodbyes before then. Romeo and Molly said their goodbyes and prepared to leave.

Of course it was a trick. Romeo arrived in a world where his brothers barely acknowledged him, his mum was dead and his dad was dunk and sold him back to Luini because he was never his kid anyways. He and Molly managed to break out of the illusionary worlds and escape. It was revealed that the message had come from someone called Ruana and that the worlds had been created from their own minds.

December Year One

Once he was back he continued helping his friends and making new ones. Molly educated him on modern Christmas. He found an injured Grand Highblood and tried to help him get to the infirmary, not caring that the troll had killed him less than a month before.

At the end of the month the network showed Zo being punished for his attempts at saving the entire multiverse and bringing in phantoms. He was attached to some kind of machine, a hand stretched towards him and the room exploded.

All over the tower monsters began to flood in.

January Year One

All the tower shrank to just one floor whilst repairs happened, the residents and the monsters were all stuck in the one room and had to fight to survive. Romeo fought with Ienzo and Molly... or more accurately Molly fought and Romeo provided moral support.

Eventually they blacked out and awoke in their beds in a once again larger tower. With monsters. Monsters everywhere. The tower had gotten a lot more dangerous. It got cold, very cold. Romeo and Molly explored the new floors, new people came and Romeo befriended them.

Then near the end of the month Romeo couldn't find Molly. He looked for her and posted on the network asking where she was. He searched every floor with Ienzo but it turned out she had disappeared from the tower and he was heartbroken. He had a feelings Jam with Psiioniic, important as it was the first time Romeo first properly took his feelings, looked at them and spoke about them rather than pushing them away to keep his spirits up. Psiioniic also told him something that he kept with him all the rest of his time in the tower and beyond. He may be small and have no powers but he has a great ability to make friends, and those friends are big and some have powers. His power is the ability to make those friends and help them and to move people to help others.

Just over a week later he met a giant man called Fawkes who was making weapons and asked if he could teach him how to make a knife. He made a shiv, which was his weapon of choice for the next two and half years. A teddy bear also appeared on his trunk with a note saying he had been infected and had to play two games the next month to cure himself. Romeo called the bear Alfredo and looked after it.

February Year One

The first game was the Midnight Game, where residents were in groups in empty dorm corridors and they had to complete a ritual to escape. Romeo's group did so. Romeo mostly worked with Vriska (a different Vriska than the one he already knew) and it was yet another wonderful hate friendship.

Mostly unscathed Romeo returned to the tower proper and learned that he had a new roommate. Ghirahim- they got off to a rocky start when he told Romeo that he was a demon, and Romeo lectured him about being good. It ended with Ghirahim deporting Romeo down to the floor of blood and screaming and Romeo deciding that Ghirahim was a good person deep down.

Romeo continued on his quest to learn to fight the bad people and sought out teachers from around the tower. Franken Stein taught him how to use his opponents' weaknesses against them and fight hand to hand. Ven tried to teach him magic but it didn't really stick and he finally met Signless, Psiioniic's hero. He vowed to help Signless beat the bad people. Signless taught him how to fight with a weapon.

A little while later Ghirahim killed one of the Links and announced it so on the network. Romeo decided to move out of his room for a bit, but only for a couple of days because residents got sick if they didn't sleep in their own bed.

Then about half way through the month a temporary antidote to the infection appeared in the way of chocolates. However eating the chocolates affected their minds, leading them to fall jealously and bitterly in love with the next person they saw or fall in love with the monsters, or other potentially deadly effects.

Romeo ate a chocolate and started stalking L, who unfortunately had fallen in love with the monsters of the tower. This led to Romeo getting trapped by monsters and killed.

Then a few days later Molly returned! The reunion was heartfelt, Romeo summed up the last month.

No, well me and Ienzo got lost in the woods looking for you, and I got killed by monsters and we had to go round a tower that was like this but empty and there was a scary monster called Midnight Man chasing after us and trying to blow our candles out and you can't eat chocolate because it makes you want to do bad things like hurt people or make friends with monsters. Oh and there's a really mean demon living in my room, he killed someone and put blood everywhere so can I sleep in your room?

He got yet another roommate, Gamzee. He Gamzee and Ghirahim 'bonded', by which I mean the conversation shifted from lectures of good and evil to why Ghirahim wore makeup like a noble lady. To finally Ghirahim deciding that both Romeo and Gamzee needed an introduction to baths. So Romeo learned about showers, and miracles. Miracle showers and he got new clothes off Ghirahim. Who it turned out was clearly a good person after all.

Then on the last day of the month those with bears were taken to a strange apartment complex and instructed to play Hitori Kakurenbo, another ritual game this time hide and seak with murderous teddy bears.

They each had a communication device where they had to make a video or audio recording every few hours. They got two chances, if they were caught they could run, if they were caught again they either had to betray someone else or were killed. Most of the deaths were recorded by the communication devices.

So Romeo spent a lot of time hiding under a bed with Molly and John, helpless as his friends died in various gruesome ways. He also spent a lot of time whispering to France and trying to help Vriska keep her spirits up.

Ten hours in Molly was killed. In hour thirteen Vriska betrayed Romeo and John and they got eaten by spiders.

March Year One

Hitori Kakurenbo was notable as the first huge mass tower awful thing, and also because there were a lot of new people in the tower who hadn't been there in October. So there were a lot of very sad very scared people. Romeo was one of them but he also knew that they couldn't give up. He didn't have the shock of this being the first time he had been hurt horribly by the administrators, it was far from his first death. They had been hurt before and would be hurt again and just sitting around crying would not help stop the bad people. So he went on a mission to try and help everyone who was upset.

Of course it will be alright because we will make it alright okay! If we are sad and scared then that's what the bad people want and they will have won. We gotta keep going no matter how many times we die, and no matter what they do to us because they are big bullies and want us to be sad. They like it when we cry so we can't cry we just got to get up and keep living!

He saw this very much like when Alfredo died, an awful thing had happened but they had to keep going. So just like the black brothers had punched him to the floor so he could stand up again he tried to help everyone rise to their feet.

A few weeks into the month though some peoples collars changed, the colour was different and they began to feel strange and their powers went out of control. Romeo helped people as best he could, he wasn't affected himself. However at one point whilst trying to help Nanime he got memory reverted to being in Milano, right back when he was first sold to Rossi and had been accused of theft. It was only for a very short amount of time.

His helping people went a bit awry when he tried to help Minami and got killed by her out of control Persona. Molly disappeared again.

He also continued meeting new people. One of those people was Ken, a boy who was the same age as him and would become one of his best friends.

At the end of the month Willow hoasted a Friendship Affirmation party which Romeo attended.

April Year One

The month started with pranks. Pranks from the administrators that was, and so many were deadly. Luckily Romeo got away with being stained multicoloured by the swimming pool.

As part of his plan to help everyone he decided to make a group for all the children of the tower to work together and help each other. Vriska said it was a stupid idea and Ken wasn't sure if he could trust them and called Romeo too innocent to set up such a group. But there were people that wanted to join.

It was John's birthday and Romeo made him cookies, John told him about how cake was evil (but only cake from boxes).

A post appeared on the network asking what they were afraid of, they were compelled to answer it.

i guess that i am scared that the bad people are actually right. that the world really did end and everyone is dead. if it did end then this must be hell because heaven is really nice and alfredo is there. i guess that means i was bad... i'm scared that my friends will be hurt and that we will never ever escape, hell is meant to last forever isn't it? that all my friends here will be hurt again and again and i wont be able to stop it happening, because the bad people can do whatever they want to us.

i guess i'm scared that my friends from my world would come here, if it is hell. because they are all really nice and so should go to heaven and be with alfredo.

Ienzo disappeared around this time but Spain came back (without memories) and Shotaru returned with memories. At the end of the month Dax went on the network to tell them that they had a rota for being in charge of the tower, that it was Jason's turn next and to be careful

May Year One

People were rounded up and put in a labyrinth to fight to the death. Those that were not taken could watch on the network and could also help their friends by sponsoring them food, drinks, powers or warnings of other people coming. Romeo sponsored a lot of people to try and help everyone. The price for this was nightmares. Romeo had nightmares for the entirety of May, from vivid nightmares of his friends from home being tortured in the tower to seeing the world end, to learning it was his own fault. He knew that it was the bad people trying to hurt him for him helping his friends though and so he tried to keep his spirits up.

Zelda organised a group in the first few days to try and rescue them all, Romeo wanted to help but she wouldn't let him, saying he was a child and would jepordise the mission. Romeo was upset because his friends were getting hurt but she talked him into helping from the outside, watching so that he could communicate where people were.

Of course there was no way to do so, but it did mean that Romeo ended up seeing it all, all his friends dying and all their punishments- those that died were given punishments for the remainder of the event. The nightmares made everyone a little crazy, Gamzee tried to kill Ghirahim, Romeo fought him off, Ghirahim beat him up and Gamzee went on a murder spree, that made Romeo scared.

Jason posted to the network and opened the floor to questions. Romeo had some and he learned that people disappearing was by accident not design, those that came back without memories were actually identical seeming copies from other worlds. When people disappeared they went back to their dead world. As far as anyone knew they still wouldn't die. Gandalf warned him that Jason might be lying about a lot of things.Romeo wasn't sure whether to believe him or not but they were more answers than he had had before.

He spoke to Gandalf and explained about what he knew about Zo- which was not much. Except that he was concerned because Zo seemed young and though his bosses were the bad people that might not mean Zo was bad too... after all he had tried to bring everyone from home to save them and been punished for it. He promised to help Gandalf look after everyone.

He and Gamzee made friends again- or more Romeo apologised for fighting him and letting Ghirahim hurt him and played with Play-doh. There were rumours of a giant spider. Then whilst exploring he got attacked and killed by said giant spider and posted to the network when he came back that the rumours were true. And announced the first meeting of the bitty brigade. Many people told him to not be so blaze about being murdered. But it was far from his most traumatic death and it was his seventh death, it had lost it's sting.

The first meeting of the Bitty brigade went well, mostly them all meeting each other and failing to decide on a name for themselves or a leader, or any rules.

He had to deal with a France who was breaking down, he tried his best but found it hard when she wouldn't listen to him. He found more people new and returned. Roland trained him more in knife fighting.

A leaked network post showed the administrators fighting amongst themselves. Zo was getting upset at their arguing. So May turned into June Romeo's first year ended and he turned twelve.

June Year Two

The arguing between administrators turned into proper fighting. They each took a group and took part in challenges posed by Ruana, there were points for each challenge and the losing group of each challenge had to vote on someone in their group to die. The winning group's leader would be the leader of the tower.

Romeo was in Jason's group. People began being experimented on. Romeo tried to help people, because it had happened to him before, but it was hard when everyone was so sad and scared, when he was sad and scared. He was turned into a six legged moose type creature with antlers and three eyes.

Ken had been experimented on too and Romeo tried to stay strong for him, during their time in the cells Ken warmed to Romeo and they became friends.

At the end of the week Ruana announced winners and losers, each group had lost one and so votes were made for people to die. Most people refused to vote and plans were made to make sure that no matter what Jason did not win.

The deaths were announced, Ven was killed painlessly and efficiently by Dax. Suzaku was killed by exploding by Riki. England was killed by vivisection by Jason. Romeo was horrified and Ken came over to him and covered his eyes for him as Romeo had no hands. Romeo told him that he was wrong, that Ken should stab Jason in the face.

The second week there were additional challenges, like balancing beams. Romeo's second surgery included adding insctoid legs onto him so he could balance better. During this surgery (where he was awake but felt no pain) he told Jason that he was an evil person and would go to hell, that he would know how bad it was and how much he was hurting them and that hell lasted forever.

This was the month where Romeo learned to hate, not just be angry at the bad people who had stole them from their homes and tortured them, but to hate Jason and want him gone.

Somehow despite all their trying Jason didn't lost, he was only a point away from Dax at the end of the week. Romeo was angry because Jason was cheating. A large group of Riki's pod were killed for losing. Ken tried to attack Jason. Also one of the magical girls crushed her soul gem, Ruana was furious.

The challenge in week three was endurance, their cells got worse, monsters tried to claw their way in and they got no food. Romeo spent a lot of time talking in thin air, in the general belief that Jason could hear everything that went on. Telling him that he was a coward and a cheater and everyone else was braver than him.

Jason wasn't seen until the end of the week, he had stitches and blood on him. He was in a very bad mood, he attached them all to each other with tentacle type things until they were a massive tentacle blob thing.

Then it was time for the results. Jason had been disqualified, Dax was considered to not have given his group enough to endure and so Riki won. He would be in charge. For a month. Yes the entire thing had been to rule the tower for one month. Ruana announced that because they had been neglecting the tower itself the residents had been misbehaving. So Jason, Dax and Riki were going back to sort that out and she would be in charge of all the pods for the next week.

To make it all worse it was Ken's birthday, Romeo tried to comfort him as much as he could. He promised him cake when they got back to the tower proper, because Jason should not be allowed to ruin anyone's birthday.

During the fourth week Ruana made Jin do the surgeries. Romeo's consciousness was put into that of a rocking horse. During a conversation with Yu Romeo was told that anyone had the potential to be a hero, they just had to be brave. It didn't matter if they had powers or not. At the end of the week they had a wrap party, Romeo was still a rocking horse. So didn't do much.

Then they were returned to the tower, they got in an elevator and blacked out. However instead of waking up in the tower Romeo woke up on his destroyed world.

July Year Two

Romeo spent twenty days on his dead world, the only person alive, everything dead. Even the stars. The bad people had been right all along. It was near the end of the month that he finally retured to the tower. He found Piccolo who had been staying with Ken, checked on all his friends. He had been given Moby Dick as a gift off Zo for the event and he discovered that his puppet theatre had been destroyed. Ryoji helped him fix it.

The whole tower had a meeting to share information and try and work out how to escape. Romeo went and listened and gave information when he had it. At the very end of the month some people fell asleep and couldn't be woken up. Ken was one of them.

August Year Two

The sleeping people woke up. The second meeting of Bitties happened, Romeo finally made Ken his birthday cake. More people came this time and they nominated Leaders. Ken nominated Sayaka, Romeo nominated Ken and Sayaka nominated Romeo. Ken also suggested they all trained each other in weapons.

Then a space whale hit the tower. Something large and full of monsters hit the upper levels, everyone had to evacuate downwards as floors were destroyed and monsters destroyed floors. Romeo helped make sure all the kids evacuated, and helped other people too. He got very stubborn when people tried to stop him or treated him like a baby.

He finally snapped at Elian when he tried to make Romeo go and hide.

"I'm sorry Elian, just people keep telling me I'm not big enough and not magic or powerful so I shouldn't fight but these," he waved his arms, "Are all my friends and I've been here even longer than I was in Milano and though it's scary it's my home and I can't just hide and do nothing! I can't!"

Elian understood and also told him that Romeo's name meant pilgrimage, to not be contained in one place for long. He finally got down to the ground floor but then couldn't find Ken so went back to look for him. The administrators got rid of the monsters. New floors were added. Romeo helped fix things since everything was wrecked. He helped Gimli tidy up the workshop. He helped rescue a pigeon for Roland and they went to look for William, who had disappeared.

September Year Two

Ken announced a training session for all the under fourteen year olds of the tower. Romeo attended. Ken told him that his persona had changed and Romeo met his new persona. They trained in spears.

Later in September Romeo woke up in a body that was not his. He had been switched with Itachi. This was very strange, especially as as the month went on his memories began blurring with Itachi's until he could not be sure which things had happened to him and which things were part of Itachi. However after being a deer and a moose and a moose bug hybrid and a rocking horse being another human was not all that weird and Romeo mostly took it in his stride.

He met actual Itachi in Romeo's own body and they agreed that they needed to find a way to fix things. Lots of other people were swapped as well. Romeo spoke to Jason over the network who told him that it was an experiment to see how long it took for their bodies to break down due to the stress. Romeo told him he was bad and that he hated him.

He spoke to Enoch and discussed how they had to make Jason lose, so he would no longer find torturing them fun. Some smart people (who weren't Romeo) managed to find a way to get everyone back to normal. By this point all the memories of all the bad things Itachi had done were getting too much, but Romeo was able to be swapped back to normal.

Though the memories faded- he no longer got them mixed up with his own, they are still there like a story he once read. Itachi came to find him and they spoke, Romeo asked if Itachi was a good person and learned that it was all way more complicated than Romeo could really understand. Itachi told him though that he didn't want to be a bad person, and Romeo thought that was enough to make him not one.

They had a party to celebrate. It was Sayaka's birthday and Romeo got her an apple.


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