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Ok so everyone in utopia and how/if Romeo knows them! (this is mainly for my own reference but if you see anything that is wrong/missed out let me know!)

Dahlia Hawthorne

Not met yet, this should change!

Edgar Roni Figaro

He has never met Edgar, this makes Romeo sad.

Edward Elric

They haven't met (though he probably heard that he was in the fight where Russel hurt Fletcher and therefore thinks he might be mean) and he is sure he has niceness in him somewhere!

Elizabeθ Buckley

They met on day 4 round 4 when Suzaku lost Theta to Zoro. Theta was very angry and scared and stormed off but Romeo went after her, because it was better that she was their friend. He somehow won her over with his adorableness and acceptance and is bringing her back to Zoro. He thinks that she definitly is a nice person inside, but she's frightened and she was very rude to Suzaku. He also believes that she is a noble woman so will be watching her step around her. He was also happy when she came to see her when he was hurt and he is glad that she has made friends with Sherlock.


He gave Enki an apple when he was handing them out and then gave him direction to peach trees! He likes Enki (mainly because he thinks Enki is twelve). He is going to go visit Enki in hospital because he is sad that he is in a coma.

Fletcher Tringham

Romeo has decided Fletcher is his friend! This involves vows and arm clasping! He bought him a memory charm and gives him apples on a daily basis. He's decided his brother hurts him but believes theres nothing he can do because Russel's an adult, and so tries to be as kind a friendly as possible to Fletcher as possible. He was very upset when the memory he bought turned out to be sad. He has also given him the light element ring that he picked up from Rapunzel's disapearance.


They climbed a tower together! And Gaara thanked him for helping people. Romeo likes Gaara

Gino Weinberg

He met Gino and learnt about cameras. Gino is a giant! But a friendly one.

Grenn Atair

Grenn is like the anchor who stops Romeo's crazy schemes from getting out of hand (he needed a Grenn in canon so badly!) He gets confused sometimes around her, and doesn't get her unenthusiastic attitude to life. Not to mention that they started off on the wrong foot when he believed her to be a witch!

He happily follows her around, confuses her, asks her rediculous questions and helps her learn the secrets of the world (he has recently bought her a legend fragment.) She is one of the recipitents of his never ending suply of apples. On the restday of round 4 they explored the newly open tower together and on day 4 she was lost in battle to Zoro who was Romeo's player.

Hikaru Sulu

And another who he hasn't met yet!

Huashi Sun

Romeo met her and taught her Rapunzel's song! She was very nice and friendly!

Kanaya Maryam

He's just bumped into her, so watch this space...

Kevin Smith

Another person Romeo has yet to meet.

Koharu Izaki

Romeo thinks Koharou is amazing! Mainly because she makes him food! But also because she is kind, she is Sora's friend and Romeo wants to help all of Sora's friends.

Lelouch vi Britannia

Another one. However this will be hilarious, they need to meet! /goes to find Lance and demand this

Lloyd Asplund

The witch! The technology witch! Even though Romeo knows witches don't exist now and that technology isn't magic he still isn't impressed with Lloyd. Because he can't work out if he's a goody or a bady and he says strange things!

Locke Cole

They need to meet! (Why is there still so many people Romeo doesn't know!)

Lyra Silvertongue

She set up the league of children and Romeo likes her, she is a very nice person because she reminded him about why he should always think of the best in people and not give up that people have niceness inside them, even Russel and Tougyu.

Mai Tokiha

Romeo has never met Mai, this should probably be rectified!

Mei Chang

Mei is another of Romeo's friends! They climbed a tower together! From now on she will probably get apples!

Mizuno You

And another person Romeo has never met, Romeo needs to go give out more apples or something!


Haven't met :( Need to

Nunnally vi Britannia

He has never met Nunnally either, they need to meet!


Likewise, they need to meet!

Roronoa Zoro

/Grin. If Sora is Alfredo II then Zoro is a mixture between Alfredo, doctor Casella and mister Rossi. Romeo spends half his time terrified of him and half his time wanting to be him, wanting to prove himself to him and wanting to help him. Zoro has been teaching Romeo the sword and Romeo has a very shaky grasp on it now. He finds it hard but knows that it will take a lot to help all his friends and Zoro is helping him become stronger

He wants to help Zoro as much as he can in return for the teaching and he is so happy when Zoro agrees to let him become his weapon in round 4. /points out that she squees whenever zoro answers a post because it is always adorable.

Romeo has also recently discovered Zoro is a pirate, this means that he could be a bad person but that makes Romeo sad because Zoro is his friend. And so he is hoping that Zoro is really good inside! When Romeo was hurt by the game Zoro was at his side in an instant it was the most adorable thing ever and Romeo has came to trust Zoro even more.

Russel Tringham

One of the few people who Romeo is not keen on, because he believes that he mistreats Fletcher. Still he is polite and friendly to him (born partly out a fear that Russel will stop him talking to Fletcher.) However after Russel got the riddle wrong in round 3 he looked so upset that Romeo decided he needed help too and gave him an apple! So there is hope yet :P


Haven't met yet!

Scott Pilgrim

Romeo has never met Scott, but he should!

Sherlock Holmes

At the moment Sherlock is Romeo's faverite person because he solved the riddles and earned them tokens! This made Romeo so happy! He bought Sherlock a memory charm, and then with Sherlock's tokens bought him two more. Two of them were happy and one was "important but neither happy nor sad". Romeo discovered Sherlock's sleep problem and has vowed to help him by putting Sherlock in empty rooms and guarding the door while he sleeps. They are so cute together, I squee whenever they interact!

He tried to become Sherlock's weapon (as well as Zoro's) in round 4 and feels bad that Sherlock got punished as well as him for it. He found out from Zoro that Sherlock and the witch had used a machine to win Theta from them, seeing that as cheating Romeo is planning on giving Sherlock a lecture.

Shiro Tougyu

He is creapy, he reminds Romeo of Alfredo's boss. Alfredo sits closer than is strictly necessary to Sora when he is in the room and will not stay in the dorm if it is only him and Tougyu. However Sora has told him that he needs help too! So he will be nice to him even if he is frightened.


They fought three times in round three, Romeo was beaten each time but earned a token each time. He is a little scared of him but he seemed friendly and kind. They are both now owned by Zoro in round 4.

Suzaku Kururugi

Who is this Suzaku person you speak of? Romeo does not know him, will never know him, his eyes glaze over when they are in the same space. Also Zoro beat him in a battle! Because Zoro is awesome and Suzaku is... who is Suzaku again? Also he hurt Enki so must be a bad person, but Romeo can't quite remember what he looks like so...

Takuto Tsunashi

Romeo met him when he arrived and showed him to his dorm. He seemed friendly.

Vriska Serket

Haven't met yet

Xing-ke Li

Another person to meet they need to have a conversation on the evils of terbercilosis

Yuka Osada

They haven't met yet!

Dropped characters who he knew

Haruka Kuchinawa

The first person who vowed with Romeo to take him as a weapon. Romeo was scared when he left.

Molly Hayes

They played in the lake together, it was a fun afternoon. Romeo was sad when he learnt she had gone!


Romeo was friendly with Rapunzel and thought her hair was cool, he was sad when he found out she was gone and he has her dropped memory, it is her song and he will teach it to anyone who seems interested so that they can remember Rapunzel.

Reiko Date

Romeo jumped in front of Reiko to save her from the tiger in round 0.

Road Kamelot

They never actually met but he saw the disapearance and was scared and shocked.


Romeo tried to protect Sora from him on his first day.

Tsuki Aoi

Romeo knows her because she is Sora's princess, she died in his dream. He is a little wary of her sterness but she is Sora's friend and so must be nice! He will be sad to know she has gone

Yuki Yagizawa

Sora's princess, Romeo was sad because Sora was so sad when she disapeared.


Kotarou is sweet (and one of the few people younger than Romeo), Romeo is friendly to him even when Kotarou is rude back because he figures Kotarou's probably scared and is a really nice person inside. If he sees him he gives him apples, not sure if Kotarou accepts them! He will be sad to learn that he has been eaten by the tiger, and he will do his best to help Kotarou's friends.

Sora Himoto

Sora is like Alfredo II to Romeo. He has made a vow with her to help everyone, he follows her every word and wants to be just like her! He often forgets she's an adult because she acts like his own age. They met on Romeo's first day when he 'protected' her from Shoujou. When he finds out that she was eaten by the tiger he is going to be incredibly sad. Having lost his protector and friend. He will do his best to continue her dream and save everybody! He has her memory and dropped ability of dual wielding and all the girls she saved.

Utena Tenjou

And then there was two Sora's and Romeo was corrupted by naivity and justice forever er I mean, yeah he knows Utena. She sheltered with them during the storm and she took Romeo to breakfast and he visited her when she passed out in class. He likes her except she ruffled his hair and it scared him And so it was that all Romeo's knightly protectors became food for the tiger. Romeo will remember Utena forever!

Tomoko Oashi

Romeo tried to teach Tomoko to tie shoelaces, but since it was a taken memory of hers he didn't get very far! He likes Tomoko, she is one of Sora's princesses and is probably on the list of people to give apples to! Then one day she wasn't there and Romeo learnt that another of his friends had been killed by the tiger.

Sugata Shindo

He checked to make sure he was alright after Romeo first met Zoro. Romeo thinks he is a very kind person! He will also be remembered and avenged!
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Miss Sora screamed, her friend fell to the floor; there was blood. All around people were screaming. A girl was stood in front of them, she smiled but her smile sent shivers down Romeo's spine

Need to get rid of you Romeo grinned evily his eyes glowing red and he swooped towards Sora. They're doomed

More screams, Miss Sora's princesses around them screaming, or fighting them, Sora's sword swung towards Romeo's neck.

For a little while Screams filled Romeo's head as people died around him, he clutched miss Sora's uniform tightly, his safety.

With glowing red eyes Romeo grinned, Sora and her princesses grinned with him. Free us, free them noise filled Romeo's head.

Run! Romeo ran towards a girl with a tail. A red haired girl killed her friend, a pink haired girl flung herself over the wheelchair of another girl while death shot at them from above.

But It was the shadow voice the Demon King always returned didn't he?

Miss Sora, her eyes determined ran forward and was ingulfed in flames. The sky was blood, Romeo span round to protect miss Reiko.

The memory of pain, screams from all around, the smell of burning. The towers glowing, humming as a star lights up the sky. The campus glows with the light of it and the lines of this star stretch as far as the eye can see.

A tiger smiles. Once, the knight despaired and sought a sage The tiger smiles and the world is consumed in fire. Romeo was falling, down and down into the blackness and the flames.

There is a story everybody knows

Romeo woke up with a start.


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