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"Some of the greatest heroes in this Tower are the ones who haven't done anything dazzling and famous. Instead, they've done small, necessary things to make this place into somewhere that people can really live together — like the person who knitted the things I've left you and asked me to make sure they get to children, or the people who devote themselves to quietly protecting others who can't protect themselves. Maybe their efforts are more modest, but that doesn't make them any less important or deserving of praise!

I won't mention any names, because most of those people are the kind that don't want thanks or attention for what they've done, but please make note of how important they are somewhere, okay?"
Claudia Kotomine

My name is Romeo. I live in a tower which is in a world a long way away from my world. My world was destroyed by something bad, as were lots of others and this world is all dead but there is this tower and people live here.

its not a nice place though, reel bad things happen. We dont have a long time left before all the power gose out. When that happens we will all die, for real die not lik when we die now and wake up again.
Maybe thow we will be able to stop it. we are just souls but we might get our bodies back and fix our worlds

a reely brave man called Rick has died alredy. he was a tru hero. There are lots of tru heroes here and this book is all about them. If we live I will take this book and show everyone how brave all my frends were. If we die it will stay here but maybe someone else will find it and then they will know.

the pictures that are drawed in this book are by my frend Zett. He's a demon but a really nice one. He's gone now though so not all the pages have drawings.

I asked lots of people who they thought their best heroes was here. I got lots of answers. Alot of the people i asked said that they thought everyone was a hero. Rick the very brave man who died thort the same.

He said "It would be impossible to pick just a handful of people out of everyone with us - and everyone who was here before us. Despite loss, dissension, pain and matter what we hope to do when we get back...we're all fighting for the same thing, and we're all fighting together. And the fact that we can overcome everything that's happened here...I think that's more wonderful than words."

I fink think its wonderful too and Rick was a big hero, lots of people thought so. Veronica said that he was one of the best people in the tower because he is nice and will always help you and Yotsuba really liked him too because he could turn into a kitty and be soft and squishy.

I don't reely know how to write all this down, i have lots of letters and i have so many fings I want to rite about but i dont know lots of words and zett was helping me and hes not here anymore.

I fink I will make a page for everyone and write down all the things people wrote, or maybe I will stick the letters in and the pictures Zett drew.
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